Event Ardez

3 organs and 2 saxophones - concert in Ardez

Concerto for 3 organs and 2 saxophones. Volker Jaekel & Gert Anklam, Berlin. Evangelical church Ardez. Free admission, collection. Info: Men Janett, Tel. 081 862 24 35.


02.04.2023 at 17:00 o'clock
Admission free, collection
Evangelical Church Ardez

With Volker Jaekel - church organ, portative
Gert Anklam - saxophones, Chinese dialect sheng

Early music meets jazz, composition meets improvisation, choir meets tango, classical meets groove, old instruments meet never heard ringing. The two Berlin musicians stop by us on their Swiss tour.

The program of the two Berlin artists spans from early music to jazz, from their own composition to stirring improvisation, from Chinese sounds of the mouth organ Sheng to the virtuosic and grooving church organ played by Volker Jaekel.


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