5 Geo-Hiking Days: Stone-rich National Park Region

Mountains, geology, nature in and around the national park with Jürg Meyer.


14.09.2021 to 18.09.2021 at 10:24 o'clock
on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Price CHF 1290.00 alles inklusive

For most people, the Swiss National Park stands for one thing and above all for one thing: watching alpine animals! The deer in September. The first resettled bearded vultures. The symbol animal of the park: Cratschla, the fir-herder. Of course, you can also admire the alpine flora, mountain forests, the many different habitats of great diversity and beauty – which also brings the geology and the rocks into play. Because the shapes of the mountains and valleys were formed by geological processes, the very different rock types influence the soil and thus the vegetation. The national park region is therefore also geologically extraordinarily diverse and exciting. This diversity is explored during the five hiking days in and around the national park, on medium-long to longer day tours, always starting from the wonderful and hospitable accommodation with Andrea and Christian Patscheider Emmenegger at the traditional hotel Baer & Post in Zernez – where you can relax and exchange after an intensive day of nature in the small but fine sauna and a fantastic dinner. Detailed information at: https://www.rundumberge.ch/images/pdf/Veranstaltungen/2021-09-18_Geo-Zernez-Nationalpark_Infos_Juerg_Meyer.pdf


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