Mountain Biking in the Engadine

Hochebene zwischen Piz Clünas und Piz la Greala
Over 500 kilometres of signposted routes, natural trails and dedicated hosts make the Lower Engadine one of the most popular biking regions in Switzerland. Fine Graubünden specialities, the species-rich nature of the National Park region and the seamless public transport connection allow you to enjoy carefree mountain biking.

Mountain biking at a glance

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Auf Tour im Engadin mit unserem Kartenangebot
Mountain bike tours and tour planner
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Bike-Trail Nationalparkregion
Mountain bike offers and experiences
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Gondelbahn Scuol - Motta Naluns
Biking on Motta Naluns – Bergbahnen Scuol
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Hotelzimmer Engiadina in Scuol.
Certified Bike Hotels
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Mountainbiken im Unterengadin
Driving training and guides
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E-Bike fahren, Foto: Andre Meier
Charging stations for e-mountain bikes

Living passion.

Biking in Engadin Scuol Zernez

The #PureAlpineTrails in the Lower Engadine stand for an authentic nature experience on hundreds of bike kilometres of natural single trails. The bike trails are gently maintained, converted and extended - in part only by hand. The first-class maintained mountain bike routes lead through all geographical altitudes, from the valley to the alpine terrain. There is something for every biker's heart. Perfect public transport connections with post bus and train as well as bike transport ensure carefree holiday enjoyment. The mountain bike paradise Engadin Scuol Zernez is characterised by a living MTB culture thanks to passionate local bikers and the annual National Park Bike Marathon, the largest bike event in Switzerland.

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Biker im Center da Trails in Ftan

Palüds. Center da Trails

An uphill trail, a blue downhill trail with waves and approach curves, and a black section for the absolute adrenaline kick. Our new «Center da Trails» in Ftan.

Learn more
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Logo Fairtrail Graubünden.

Fairtrail – nett, suuber und parat

In order for all trail users to have an enjoyable experience, mutual acceptance and consideration is required. Please also keep nature in mind, so please stay on the trails.
More about Fairtrail

Immerse yourself and be inspired.

Stories from mountain bikers

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Bergpanorama in Scuol, Foto: Filip Zuan
Trailscout Werni Dirren

Werni knows every trail, every stone and every root in the Lower Engadine. He has ridden all the bike trails, classified them and lives mountain biking like no other.

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Nevin Galmarini

The Olympic champion in alpine snowboarding, who also flies down into the valley on a mountain bike.

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Val Mora - der perfekte Ort für eine Pause
Die Nationalpark-Tour

The experiences of two friends on a wonderful bike tour around the Swiss National Park.

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Foto: supertrail-rides

Trailuniun. pure alpine trails

How is such a trail net created? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Learn more about the work of Trailuniun here.
More about Trailuniun
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Die Ride la Val Trailschool unterwegs im Val Müstair

Singletrail-Skala. Preparing for the trails

Developed by ambitious bike athletes, the single trail scale provides information about how challenging a trail passage is. For optimal preparation for your bike tour.

Learn more

Bike-Impressions #purealpinetrails

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Mit dem Bike von S-charl ins Val Müstair.

#PureAlpineTrails. Our Bike Instagram Channel

Discover our Bike Instagram page and get inspired by our Puren Alpine Trails. You can also share your experiences with us via @MTB Engadin Samnaun Val Müstair.

Even more inspiration
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The biggest and most beautiful bike event in Switzerland. National Park Bike Marathon

Every August, the National Park Bike Marathon leads mountain bikers through the impressive landscape around the Swiss National Park. Learn more about the impressive race.

Discover Bike Marathon
Nachhaltigkeitskreis Ökonomie

Sustainable because ...

... the #PureAlpineTrails in the Engadin Scuol Zernez vacation region stand for an authentic experience on single trails close to nature. The bike trails are partly redesigned, improved and maintained in elaborate manual work, always taking care to preserve the originality of the landscape. The environmentally conscious design of the trails ensures that the natural ecosystems and wildlife are minimally/hardly disturbed. In addition, a perfect public transport connection with post bus and train as well as bike transport ensures a carefree sustainable vacation enjoyment.