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Atelier-Galerie Elena Denoth.

Engadine paintings by the local artist Elena Denoth. Viewing by appointment.
Phone 081 856 12 90.


16.06.2021 to 31.12.2023
by appointment
Atelier-Galerie «Engadinerkunst»

Engadine folklore, landscapes and animals of the local artist.

One group of paintings and pictures focuses on the mountain and animal world. Mountain panoramas, the bearded vulture, the roosters, wild roosters, wild flower meadows, etc. In these paintings, the painter's attachment to living nature but also her deep roots in nature are strongly expressed.

The other group of pictures, however, deals with the Engadine village community with its typical ways of life and old traditions. Among these pictures, the Schlittadas, the sleigh driving motifs and the Chalandamarz depictions stand out above all.

The artist also seems to be fascinated by this magic; perhaps behind her depiction of this ancient custom lies man's longing for the pure and original and, in the end, for that which remains eternal.

Visit by appointment: Tel +41 81 856 12 90 / +41 79 721 69 42


Elena Denoth

Ers Curtins Chasa Pitsch, 7530 Zernez

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