Finding yourself in nature.

Time out

Outdoor Coaching im Val S-charl
Get out into nature to find yourself: Treat yourself to some time out in the breathtaking Val S-charl.

In an outdoor coaching session with an overnight stay in the Tentipi, you will find answers to personal questions and gain serenity, strength and self-confidence. You then spend your stay in authentic accommodation close to nature. During the day, you can choose to relax with a massage or a whey bath, or analyse and optimise your eating habits with a nutritional consultation. All of this, of course, outdoors in the fresh mountain air - provided the weather is good. A relaxation pack for home provides lasting deceleration, taking you out of the daily grind and back to the Lower Engadine.

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Your experience

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Outdoor Coaching
Outdoor Coaching

Coach Cla accompanies you on your personal path – literally and figuratively – to your individual goal, which you identify in a short preliminary discussion. During the hike to Alp Astras, setting up the Tentipi or cooking together over the fire, he gives you the tools you need for long-term development. After spending the night in the Tentipi, you make your way back to S-charl.

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Whey bath

During the traditional whey bath with a view of the Lower Engadine mountains, the acid mantle of the skin is balanced and the moisturising and soothing effect is immediately noticeable. The whey used comes directly from the Astras Alp next door.

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Outdoor Massage
Relaxation massage

The outdoor massage bed awaits you at the back of Val S-charl. Enjoy the peace and quiet, the seclusion and treat your tense muscles to something good.

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Holistic nutritional counselling

In holistic nutritional counselling, we look at your food choices, eating habits and your entire life situation together to find out what you would like to change or optimise.

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Relaxation package

A small surprise package awaits you at your accommodation so that you can take your rediscovered relaxation home with you. This is put together for this purpose by the Drogaria Mosca in Scuol.

Alvetern Ardez
Near Nature Accommodation

After your overnight stay at Tentipi, you move into the accommodation of your choice for the rest of your stay. Enjoy the view from the balcony with a view of the mountains or taste regional delicacies.

Blick auf die Alp Astras in S-charl.
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Far away from everyday life


Learn more about the idyllic Val S-charl - the setting for your outdoor coaching session.

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