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Cor Proget 22 preschainta suot la bachetta da Curdin Lansel ün program d'advent. Curdin Lansel runs Cor Proget 22. They sing an Advent program church. Collection.

Evang.-ref. Village Church of San Lurench

Avant Baselgia 80, 7554 Sent


11.12.2022 at 17:00 o'clock
Evang.-ref. Village Church of San Lurench

'Drivi las portas, spalancai! Nos Segner vain, as allegrai!', tuot chi cugnuoscha il coral d'Advent chi exprima la brama da la vgnüda dal Salvader. Dabsögn da drivir las portas, la bratscha e'ls cours faja eir uossa cha'l coronavirus es bainbod sbandi. Perquai invida il Cor Proget 22 suot la bachetta da Curdin Lansel per ün chant d'Advent cun üna taimpra speciala. Il cor concertescha in ün bloc alch chanzuns a capella. Lura, il public, grond e pitschen, es invidà da chantar insembel cul cor simplas chanzuns cuntschaintas d'Advent. Tanteraint strasunan las posaunas istoricas da la gruppa 'I buccinistii' – üna bella surpraisa. Tuot es amiaivelmaing invidà.
Entrada: collecta

'Drivi las portas, spalancai! Nos Segner vain, as allegrai!' («Make the gates wide and the doors up in the world...»), everyone knows the world-famous Advent song announcing the savior's arrival. After the severe corona season has subsided, it seems all the more urgent to us to open gates and doors, but also our arms and hearts. Therefore, the local mixed choir, the Cor Proget 22 under the direction of Curdin Lansel, invites you to a festive Advent singing. The choir sings songs in a block a capella. Then the audience has the opportunity to sing some well-known Advent melodies together with the choir. As a surprise, the ensemble "I buccinistii" performs with enchanting early Baroque music. Young and old are cordially invited.


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