Dance & Acrobatics // Workshop with Ana Jordão and Vincent Kollar

Dance & Acrobatics // 3-day workshop with Ana Jordão and Vincent Kollar in Lavin. From 16 years. Course costs 270 CHF. Info & Registration: Sara Zollinger 079 480 49 01. Registration deadline 1 October 2021.

Sara Zollinger

Suotröven 25, 7543 Lavin


22.10.2021 to 24.10.2021 from 11:00 to 16:00 o'clock
on Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Price 270 CHF

Dance & Acrobatics // Workshop with Ana Jordão and Vincent Kollar

Course description:
In this course we will explore dance acrobatics and partnering and learn different ways of approaching and leaving the ground.

The soil is our friend. We practice with super funky tunes, lots of smiles and good energy!

Tools such as breath, imagination and emotion will help us rediscover movements and find lightness. This lightness will lead us on our way to energy efficiency. We will explore the architecture of our body through weight shifts, diagonals, spirals, pivot points and impulses. Practicing how to use these elements will add to the fluidity of our movement and put a smile on your face!

Balance is not a static state; Balance is a constant search. We will take some time to feel the "movement in silence" in the opposite position. We will share our vocabulary of dynamic handstands with the idea of going through the handstand. The handstand is to be seen as a step on the journey and not as a destination.

Use the soil as your partner and let the partner be your soil.

Through animal games, we let our bodies communicate with each other.

To do this, we need to develop our ability to listen. We believe that listening is more important than ever these days. With the sensitivity and intuition we develop through the joy of playing, we will then begin to understand the physical mechanisms of partnering. Let yourself be moved and be moved.

Course location:
D-7543 Lavin

Course times:
Friday 22 October - Sunday 24 October 2021
(11:00 - 16:00)

Regular 270.- Registration deadline 15 September 2021 Early Bird 240.- if you register by 15 August 2021

Course leader:
Ana Jordão is a performer who originally comes from contemporary circus, but is now also active in the fields of dance, improvisation and creative and academic research. Her interest in movement practice goes beyond the technical and is increasingly regarded by the possibilities of movement as a metaphor, as a philosophy and as a means of self-reflection. Her performances mainly tell about movements; they are the language that Ana is constantly developing. Thus, in Ana's work, communication is always in the foreground: between bodies, between bodies and objects, between performer and audience and between art forms.
Website: anajordao.weebly.com/

Vincent Kollar, born in Dresden in 1987, graduated from the CODARTS University of the Arts in Rotterdam in 2015. Before that, he lived in Berlin and studied at the School of Performing Arts Die Etage. His specializations are acrobatic object manipulation and hand and headstands. He has had an interest in acrobatics, dance and the in-between since the very beginning.
In addition to his own company, he is one of the founding members of the Collective Penguin Productions and the Cie Pile en Face, with whom he developed shows and toured Europe alongside his solo acts.

Since 2018, his new home has been in Zurich. Since then, he has continued to work from here as a freelance artist, coach and workshop leader in the field of new circus.
Website: www.vincentkollar.com/

If you arrive from a distance and want to spend the night in Lavin, you are welcome to do so in the beautiful house of La Vouta.
Arrival on Thursday 21 October 2021 from 17:00 Departure Sunday 24 October 2021 Per person and night in a double room 60.- Total course costs incl. 3 nights 420.- per person Registration deadline incl. overnight stays is on 1 September 2021.

Registrations and questions to sara.zollinger@gmx.ch


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