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Forest bathing - consciously slow down

Forest bathing - consciously slow down. Health promotion through targeted sensory activation and Qigong while mindfully "immersing" yourself in the soothing atmosphere of the forest.


21.06.2024 from 08:45 to 11:15 o'clock
06.07.2024 from 08:45 to 11:15 o'clock
Foura dal Lai

Would you like to take a conscious break from everyday life and find deep relaxation? Do you enjoy "being" in nature together with other people and rediscovering its fascinating atmosphere?
Would you like more space for joy, serenity and relaxation?

In Shinrin-Yoku (forest bathing) health training SYGT, we, young and old, leave our daily lives behind us, drift in the here & now and experience nature with all our senses. Forest bathing actively promotes health prevention through conscious deceleration, mindfulness and connection to nature. Neuro-centered SYGT reduces the activity of the sympathetic nervous system responsible for flight or fight and at the same time increases the parasympathetic nervous system responsible for relaxation. Consciously spending time in the forest has been proven to reduce the levels of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline and strengthen the immune system. This promotes a deep state of relaxation and reduces stress, which increases our active well-being.

So join us as we marvel together, "bathe" in the forest with all our senses
and strengthen our health preventively.


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