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Gänsekiel, Gutenberg, Gruppenchat

In this year's special exhibition, Stamparia Strada shows how epochal inventions are changing communication. Info: info@stamparia.ch.

Museum Stamparia Strada

Prà de la Faira 161, 7558 Strada


02.07.2022 to 29.10.2022 from 15:00 to 17:00 o'clock
on Saturday
Also open by appointment (info@stamparia.ch)
Museum Stamparia Strada

In this year's special exhibition, Stamparia Strada shows how epochal inventions are changing communication.
In the early Middle Ages, human knowledge was passed on by copying books with the goose keel in monasteries. It took a monk one to three years to copy a Bible.
Around 1450, Johannes Gutenberg made his grandiose inventions. This meant that hundreds of books could be produced in just a few months, all of the same high quality. Gutenberg's technology shaped printing for more than 500 years. It was not until 1990 that digitization and electronic dissemination began to replace this process.
Today's communication is determined by the Internet. It allows the time-delayed, worldwide transfer of information to all interested parties. These impressive advantages are offset by risks: speed and anonymity facilitate the spread of fake news.

From monk to IT specialist
The Stamparia Strada brings these developments to life. As in the Middle Ages, you can write on a desk with the goose keel. The adventurous visitor quickly realizes that it is not easy to get clean letters and a graphically beautiful text on paper; the monks had high abilities.
Gutenberg's developments are explained in a catchy way. The astonishing hand casting instrument – the core of Gutenberg's invention – is explained transparently on a model. The museum guests are invited to set and print à la Gutenberg.
Although the Stamparia Strada is a historical printing museum, it also likes to look to the future in its special exhibitions. With a one-time voice-to-print installation, visitors can speak some information into a microphone. These are transformed into a letter of application for a job as a journeyman printer with artificial intelligence and printed out in letter form without further action.

Part of a cantonal tourism promotion concept
The Canton of Graubünden supports museums and cultural tourism with various projects. "Gänsekiel, Gutenberg, Gruppenchat" is part of the project Mittelalterland und Mittelalterspiel, in which several Graubünden museums are participating. From 2022, these museums will create a living mosaic of the Middle Ages through games that are geared to the respective museum focal points.
In the Stamparia Strada it is necessary to apply for a job as a journeyman with the founder of stamparia, Nuot Cla Janett. Janett demands a letter of application from the budding black artists, which must be created with goose keel, typesetting and printing as with Gutenberg as well as with digital communication. An exciting challenge for young and old visitors. The best applications will be awarded at the end of the season.


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