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Gesture of the earth. Musical Reading

Gesture of the earth. Musical reading. Gabrielle Susan Rüetschi reads from her poems on the subject of earth and Clarigna Küng responds to the texts with violin and voice.

Church of San Göri

Chant Baselgia 70, 7550 Scuol


03.09.2023 at 17:00 o'clock
Fr. 25.-
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Church of San Göri

In this new program of the artist duo (after the water in the last program) the earth is at the center – multi-layered, in manifold manifestations and in its fundamental and central importance for being human.
The poet Gabrielle Susan Rüetschi reads from her poems and the violinist Clarigna Küng takes up themes and moods from them with instrument and voice, translates the word-sound into sound images and spins the stories further – or creates a space with her music into which the poem enters with its words.

Gabrielle Susan Rüetschi was born in Montreal (Canada) and grew up in the Baden region. Today she lives and writes in Baden and Scuol (GR). Clarigna Küng comes from Appenzell. She lives in the St. Gallen region and plays with violin and voice as a soloist and in various formations of modern folk music.




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