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I AM SAFE. YOGA Workshop mit INSA

I AM SAFE. YOGA workshop with INSA. Yoga workshop for self-healing and deeper connection.
Center Augustin, CHF 72, info & registration: www.insa-verbeck.com/ , Insa Verbeck, +49 152 22 73 16 72.


29.02.2024 from 18:00 to 20:30 o'clock
CHF 72.00
Center Augustin

Connect with your root chakra and strengthen the healing qualities of security, grounding, stability and serenity.

The workshop focuses on the first chakra, which is associated with the themes of security, abundance and grounding. We all tend to hold psycho-emotional insecurities in the areas of the pelvic floor and jaw for the long term. Movement, stretching, breathing practice and self-massage help to release deep-seated patterns of tension and strengthen the feeling of security and safety.

Gentle assists, sounds & aromas support your practice. The number of participants is limited to ensure a safe space and optimal support. No previous experience required, all bodies and all ages are welcome. Wear comfortable (yoga) clothing that allows free movement and warms you during the calm Yin practice.


- Movement Meditation & Breathing Exercise
- Kundalini & Yin yoga with a focus on the jaw & pelvic floor
- Simple and effective self-massage techniques to release tension and regulate the nervous system


- Neural and emotional balance
- Relief of general tension
- Improved flexibility and presence
- Gain in calm, grounding & confidence
- More vital energy throughout the body
- Calming of the mind in favor of a strengthened body awareness

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Insa Verbeck

Martin-Luther-Str. 1, 48147 Münster

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