Jazz Linard 2021 - Electronic Punk Jazz & Devotion


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Concerts from the Series Jazz Linard: Electronic Punk Jazz im Schopf, Cena Pronta and Concert Devotion in the Arvensaal Hotel Piz Linard, dopo Ausklang at the hotel bar


06.11.2021 from 18:30 to 23:55 o'clock
Evening pass for Cena & Concert: CHF 99.00
For members of the Linard Association: CHF 77.00
For hotel guests with half board: CHF 33.00

Concert Chinzilla vs. EMC Splinter DE/USA / Electronic Punk Jazz im Schopf:
Nagorsnik tb, voc, electronics & Jim Black dr, electronics
Chinzilla lives in a mound of earth. Between toys that it has dragged into its burest. There it turns buttons and moves knobs. Sometimes also trains. The result? A scratching, rattling and snarling that carries the melodies. The melodies bundled and manifested in beats. Who would be a better addition to pool energy than EmC Splinter. Chinzilla vs. EmC Splinter leave the mound of earth together for a tjost in the wild for the very first time.

Cena Pronta in the Arvensaal

Concert Day & Taxi (CH/USA) Devotion in the Arvensaal:
Christoph Gallio (as, ss), Silvan Jeger (b) & Gerry Hemingway (dr)
DAY & TAXI was founded in 1988 with Urs Blöchlinger as a quartet and has been led as a trio by Christoph Gallio since 1989. With a few exceptions, the music of the band is composed by Christoph Gallio and brought into its respective form by all participants. The compositions can also be seen as sculptures. Undeterred by trends, DAY & TAXI moves autonomously and unmistakably at the interface of composition and improvisation and sometimes works with strong contrasts such as compression and emptying. DAY & TAXI plays contemporary music that is aware of the past, perceives the present and focuses on the future.

6.30 pm Concert Electronic Punk Jazz im Schopf
8.00 pm Cena Pronta at the Arvensaal Hotel Piz Linard
9.30 pm Concert Devotion in the Arvensaal Hotel Piz Linard
Dopo end at the bar


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