Jazz Linard 2021 - Fadenschlag & Head Cooks


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Concerts from the Jazz Linard series: Fadenschlag im Schopf, Cena Pronta and Concert Head Cooks in the Arvensaal Hotel Piz Linard, dopo Finale at the hotel bar


12.11.2021 from 18:30 to 23:55 o'clock
Evening pass for Cena & Concert: CHF 99.00
For members of the Linard Association: CHF 77.00
For hotel guests with half board: CHF 33.00

6.30 pm Concert Fadenschlag im Schopf with: Mareille Merck-Larus (CH/DE) guit, Florian Bollinger (b) & Janic Haller (dr)
Three young musicians who set off on a journey together. In your luggage? A good portion of courage, a thirst for adventure and a willingness to take risks. The companions? Eventful compositions and extravagant improvisations. The three never lose sight of the essentials. Complex harmonic and rhythmic patterns are combined by lyrical melodies and catchy motifs, interplay and dynamics create atmosphere and space. Sometimes you feel embraced by warm sounds, almost weightless, then you find yourself again in the middle of a hurricane. Above and below are reversed, the rush of speed roars in the ears. If you stagger back into silence, whispering dialogues of the instruments draw images of an enchanted world.

8.00 pm Cena Pronta at the Arvensaal Hotel Piz Linard

9.30 pm Concert with Head Cooks in the Arvensaal:
Christoph Grab (ts), Christian Weber (b) & Dieter Ulrich (dr)
... as if the history of jazz were a huge, exquisitely ordered marketplace, where three experienced chefs, housed in every kitchen and washed with every water, made a pilgrimage from stand to stand together. From the oldest, bitter blues ingredients to the spicy richness of be-bop and the hearty ingredients of a good "soul food" to the ephemeral idiosyncrasies and spontaneous creations of free improvisation. Together, and without having to say a word about it, the three decide spontaneously and in a flash how to create, season and finally prepare the most unusual and yet everyday dishes from this exuberant range of musical subtleties, in order to finally serve them, revered audience, a "musical"sensation that they never want to forget!

Dopo end at the hotel bar


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