Jazz Linard 2021 - stüdis da la natüra & Hammer-Nagel-Leiter


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Concerts from the Jazz Linard series with Pia Valär & Raphael Walser, Cena Pronta in the Arvensaal Hotel Piz Linard, concert Looty Trio, dopo finale at the hotel bar


30.10.2021 from 18:30 to 23:55 o'clock
Evening pass for Cena & Concert: CHF 99.00
For members of the Linard Association: CHF 77.00
For hotel guests with half board: CHF 33.00

«Stüdis da la natüra» (Nature Studies) is an interdisciplinary project by the Engadine illustrator Pia Valär and the Zurich double bassist Raphael Walser. To this end, they use their traditional artistic disciplines to process shared impressions of alpine nature in their own way. The result is a variety of elements in sound and image, which stand on their own or can be combined in different ways. With his double bass, Raphael Walser brings the musical implementations of the studies to life. These are in dialogue with Pia Valär's visual abstractions in the form of drawings and prints. In an improvised performance, Walser and Valär create an interdisciplinary abstract natural spectacle with double bass and drawing.

The Looty Trio wants to play, but not only. There are no muzzles, torn loose by lines, we poach ourselves. Not only calves are at risk, we also like to aim higher. In doing so, we plunder and sharpen our tools accumulated over decades: From jazz scalpels to punk steam hammers, we use everything that gets caught between our fiefs to break chains and bark at ostentatious palaces, degrading systems and – last but not least – boring music.

6.30 pm Start Concert Stüdis da la Natüra in the Lavinetta
8.00 pm Cena Pronta at the Arvensaal Hotel Piz Linard
9.30 pm Start Concert Looty Trio on the topic of hammer nail ladder in the Arvensaal Hotel Piz Linard
Dopo end at the bar


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