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Kaleidoscope Water. Musical reading

Kaleidoscope Water. Musical reading. Gabrielle Susan Rüetschi, poetry and Clarigna Küng, violin and voice. Church San Göri, Scuol. CHF 25.-, box office. Info: G.S. Rüetschi, Tel 076 454 81 53.


03.09.2022 from 17:00 to 18:00 o'clock
25.-, box office 30 minutes before showtime
Church of San Göri

The Lower Engadine and its water is the theme of the poetry and music in this program.
Water as an element of nature, water in its effect on man, water as a mirror of human becoming, growing and moving on.
The music responds to the read texts and spins their theme further - or the poems are recited into a sound space created by the violin beforehand.
The poet Gabrielle Susan Rüetschi lives and writes in Baden and Scuol and also performs her texts in musical readings in various programs. The Appenzell violinist Clarigna Küng combines experimental folk music, yodel and art music to a very unique mixture, which together with the texts create a wonderful whole.



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