Kino a Tschlin Things we lost in the fire

Kino a Tschlin. Things we lost in the fire - da Susanne Bier, 2007, 118 min. Info: Angelo Andina Tel. 081 866 36 76/kinotschlin@bluewin.ch .


05.07.2021 from 20:15 to 21:45 o'clock
Price CHF 2.00 - CHF 7.00

Ün hom es mort cumbain ch'el laiva be güdar. Il bap da famiglia Brian Burke s'ha masd aint sün via in üna dispitta persvadaivla, laiva buniar la dispitta - ed es gnü copp svessa. Per sia duonna Audrey e per seis duos uffants Harper e Dory ün greiv cuolp. Pro'l funaral inscuntra Audrey darcheu il meglder e plü vegl ami da seis hom: Jerry. La vita da Jerry's fingi daspö lönch our da controlla. ​ A man has died, although he only wanted to help. the Family man Brian Burke mingled in a street a scuffled, tried to settle - and was killed himself. For his wife Audrey and his two Children Harper and Dory a heavy blow. At the funeral Audrey meets her husband's oldest and best friend again: Jerry. His life got out of hand a long time ago. ​


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