KONTRABACH. Bach's music arranged for contrabass clarinet and double bass collection. Info: www.marclardon.rocks/kontrabach.


09.02.2022 from 20:00 to 21:00 o'clock

Marc Lardon, contrabass clarinet
Daniel Sailer, double bass

Kontrabach is deep, Kontrabach is gloomy, yet Kontrabach is an experience for everyone, a broadening of horizons.
In Kontrabach's arrangements, J.S. Bach's music shows itself from its very own, new side. The special feature is the very idiosyncratic and daring instrumentation, namely contrabass clarinet and double bass. With their interpretations, Marc Lardon and Daniel Sailer succeed in balancing baroque and contemporary. The music usually sounds two octaves lower than usual, chords are sometimes more reminiscent of clusters but the music still remains harmonious and understandable at all times and at the same time impresses with a new quality and independence.

Since 2017, we have been playing with our programs in various churches and cultural centers, mainly in the canton of Graubünden - so far more than 30 concerts.

We have put together our 5th program "Best of Kontrabach" from our favorite pieces of the past years.

Under the following link there is more information as well as a short audio sample:

Scuol Reformed Church
Chant Baselgia 70
D-7550 Scuol


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