Lime extinguishing - kalkwerk invites you to a festival

Lime extinguishing - kalkwerk invites you to a party. Experience the transformation to swamp lime and celebrate with us. Free of charge for members, beer &grill CHF 30.00. Info & Note: info@kalkwerk.ch, Tel. 079 329 68 16.


25.07.2021 from 10:00 to 17:00 o'clock
Price from CHF 30

A lime extinguishing from the lime works is intended to draw attention to the binder and natural building material lime, which has been used for thousands of years. You can help and you celebrate together the miracle that stones turn into snow-white porridge. For this purpose, some barrels of piece lime are "extinguished" by adding water, and thus processed into swamp lime. This triggers an exothermic reaction and heat, steam is created and the stones begin to bubble and boil after a while. Stored in a pit under constant water cover, the so-called swamp lime can be kept for decades. Program on July 25, 2021: - First deletion 11 o'clock - Second deletion 2 pm Food and drink from 12:00-17:00 (free for members) The piece lime used for this was produced locally and by hand by kalkwerk during the Kalkbrand 2020. In the traditional way, dolomite lime was fired into quicklime in a kiln for several days by means of wood firing. Examples of applications of marsh limestone stored for several years are fine plasters, lime smoothing, paints, sgraffito and fresco paintings. We at the kalkwerk association are committed to the promotion and mediation of the traditional production of lime. In cooperation with other associations, institutions and experts, we actively contribute to the preservation and re-operation of limestone extraction sites threatened by decay. The natural product lime has excellent haptic and optical properties, is ecological and environmentally friendly, repairable and repairable, diffusion-open and moisture-regulating, air-purifying and allergy-friendly, algae- and mould-resistant and durable. More and more people are interested in ecological construction, in a respectful handling and preservation of historic buildings and in a healthy and durable building. That's why lime is becoming increasingly popular. We look forward to seeing you!


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