Little Giant Stanislas - LA VOUTINA - Family Theatre

Kleiner Riese Stanislas - A paper theatre for young and old from the age of 6 - Admission children CHF 5.00 / adults CHF 20.00 - Reservation at +41 (0)81 791 25 78 or info@lavouta.ch

Campell Anna Serarda

La Vouta, 7543 Lavin


14.11.2021 from 11:00 to 12:00 o'clock
Children CHF 5.00
Adults CHF 20.00

A paper theatre for young and old from the age of 6
What does someone who is so small that he has room in a nutshell want? Get big. And what does he do to become big? Eat. Eat a lot. That's exactly what little Stanislas does. He eats. And he's going to be big. And he never stops growing. He is one, two, no even several heads taller than everyone else and many things become too small for him. Stanislas is lonely. In the circus he is the star, but he has no friends. He wants to leave. But where to go? He doesn't know. Just straight out, always straight out. In the wide world and thanks to his friendship with an ant, Stanislas suddenly realizes that great can be great, and that he himself is sometimes very small. A delicate, paper-told story about being different.

Kathrin Leuenberger (play and equipment)
Sibylle Heiniger (Staging)

Duration approx. 50min
Language Dialect

Reservations under info@lavouta.ch or +41 (0)81 791 25 78


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