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Adrian Taisch

Adrian Taisch – der Mineralwasseraufbereiter
Relaxing on the bubble lounger of the outdoor pool at Bogn Engiadina to end the day and enjoying the view of the Lower Engadine mountains. But what is behind it all so that we can enjoy this luxury? Adrian Taisch takes us along and gives us a glimpse behind the scenes at the Bogn Engiadina mineral baths.

The silent doers at Bogn Engiadina

Adrian has been working in the technical department of Bogn Engiadina for ten years and is now the technical manager. As he puts it, the technical team is the quiet doer, so that bathing operations can be guaranteed without a hitch. It ensures that the guests can always bathe in high-quality water and that the technology is kept up to date and further developed. You can tell right away that Adrian not only does this job, but lives it. He is fascinated by technology and gives his best every day.

Adrian Taisch – hinter den Kulissen Mineralbad Bogn Engiadina

Out into the world and back again

Adrian grew up in Scuol, but he was drawn to the wide world at an early age. After his apprenticeships as a machine and electrical mechanic, he worked for 6 years on assembly in countries such as the USA, Mexico and others. Especially the language and culture of the foreign countries fascinated Adrian Taisch.  

In 2006 he moved back to Scuol with his family. This was a challenge for the whole family to adapt again to the typical Swiss conditions. He spends most of his free time outdoors, as he has to manage without daylight most of the time while working. Here, too, the theme of water plays the main role.  Be it sailing, fishing or skiing on the snow.

Vacation Tip "A Look Behind the Scenes

The meeting point is in the entrance hall of the Bogn Engiadina with a view of the bathing landscape. Adrian is about to explain to us why this is a mineral bath and not a thermal bath: because the water comes out of the springs at less than 20 degrees. Then we go two floors down into Adrian's realm. The technology is spread over about 1,600 square meters and there are over 500 km of piping systems throughout the building. Here one learns how the water gets into the basins and which technical means are used for this.

Adrian likes these tours, and you can see that in his commitment. They are a welcome change from his everyday work. Depending on the group and the participants, very interesting conversations often ensue. The public guided tour takes place on Tuesdays from 16:00 to about 17:30. A visit to the swimming pool before or after the tour is of course a must. PS: The longest guided tour lasted a good three hours, so plan enough time 😉.


Ferientipp: Blick hinter die Kulissen des Mineralbads Bogn Engiadina

From the source into the basin

All pools, except the brine and cold water pools, are filled with pure mineral water, which comes from the springs around Scuol. The water treatment process consists of several stages.

The mineral water flows from the springs into Bogn Engiadina at a temperature of 5 to 11 degrees, depending on the season. The fresh water is now demineralized and preheated to about 20 degrees by means of an air heat pump. It then enters a sand filter. Here it is mechanically cleaned and solids are removed in the process. The next step is the ozone stage. The ozone is produced in-house and added to the water to purify and disinfect it. Then the water flows into the activated carbon filter to neutralize the ozone. Only after all these steps does the treated bath water enter the pools.

"Excess water", for example, rinse and shower water, goes to the recovery basin where the residual heat is extracted. Only then does this water flow into the municipality's wastewater treatment plant.

Blick Hinter die Kulissen

Towards the end of the tour, you will pass by the plant where the mineral water is injected. Here, mineral water from four different springs (Sotsass, Vi, Tulai and Chalzina) flows into the basins. Of course we can taste the mineral water right from the tap.

What the mineral water "does" shows the picture below right. These are deposits, which are formed for example in pipes. Art students are regularly interested in these treasures. The mineral water can also be tasted at the drinking station in the entrance hall and in the sauna area of the Bogn Engiadina.


Already in the planning and construction phase, importance was attached to energy-saving operation. Approximately 50 percent of the energy demand can be covered by the geothermal system and heat recovery. The rest was covered as needed by an oil heating system. The heart of the heating system is this geothermal plant with 6000 meters of earth probes, it is one of the largest in Europe.

During three years (2017 - 2019) the energy rehabilitation concept was implemented. In the process, an outdoor air cooler was installed on the roof to regenerate the geothermal probes. With this, excess heat can be returned to the ground in warm months. Furthermore, heat recovery is used and, where possible, the waste heat from exhaust air, water, machines and equipment is utilized. Two powerful industrial heat pumps with 320 KW each help to maintain the heat cycle.

In addition, Bogn Engiadina cultivates a sustainable approach to resources and the use of energy-efficient products along the entire value chain. For optimal energy and resource management, the machines and systems are continuously networked. Highly intelligent, electronic control and automation technology monitors and controls the various components in the process. It is this perfect interaction that enables such gratifying energy savings.

Technical facts

Energy refurbishment concept: The three-year energy refurbishment concept was completed in 2019

  • Outside air cooler 
  • Exhaust air register of the ventilation systems
  • Cold and waste water heat recovery
  • Partial lowering of the water level of the panoramic pool overnight

Water savings: Since the opening of Bogn Engiadina in 1993, water consumption has been reduced by 20,000 m3 annually.  With this water, all the pools in Bogn Engiadina could be filled 28 times.

  • New shower heads
  • Optimization of operating times
  • Adjustments cleaning mode

Heating oil savings: After the 2017 - 2019 renovation, heating oil consumption could be reduced by 135,000 liters annually. These could be used to heat 45 single-family homes for a year.

Electricity savings: Around 485,000 KWh per year can now be saved thanks to the refurbishment measures. This could take a nuclear power plant off the grid for 30 minutes. LED lighting throughout the building

  • LED lighting throughout the building
  • More efficient electric motors of the pumps
  • Frequency converter
  • Optimization of operating times

"Cause We Care": myclimate "Cause We Care" is an initiative for climate protection and sustainable tourism in Switzerland. Bogn Engiadina has been a partner since 2018 and during that time had mobilized 1263 climate neutral bookings, 22 tons of offset CO2 emissions and around CHF 2,000 annually for local sustainability (as of December 2019).

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