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miraculaua Scuol

Mineralquellenführung – Informationen zum Mineralwasser von Scuol – Dominik Täuber
More than 20 natural mineral springs are gushing in Scuol and the surrounding area, and the place was already world-famous for cures more than 100 years ago. During two days, exciting experiences await you, such as a mineral spring hike and mineral water tasting on the topic of «miraculaua», the miracle water of Scuol.

The benefits

Mineral water package

Included benefits

  • Guided mineral spring hike
  • Mineral water tasting
  • miraculaua bottle
  • Background information on the mineral water and the springs

Possible additional services (against surcharge)

Chalzina Sura-Quelle – Mineralwasserwege Scuol

Booking information

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  • Dates 2021: 02-03 July, 21-22 July, 11-12 August, 20-21 August, 15-16 September, 01-02 October  
  • Price: CHF 89.00 per person

Day 1 – Morning

Mineral spring hike

In the morning, Sabina Streiter takes you on the trail of the mineral waters around Scuol. This three-hour walk takes you past fountains and springs as well as contemporary witnesses of former spa tourism such as the drinking hall Büvetta Tarasp. You will gain an insight into the origins and characteristics of mineral water and its great importance for the Lower Engadine. You can try the natural mineral water at the village fountains and mineral springs. Can you taste the difference?

Mineralquellenführung – Angebot miraculaua Scuol – Dominik Täuber

Day 1 – Afternoon

Mineral water experiences as desired

The afternoon is free and you have the choice. How about finding your personal mineral spring or bathing in mineral water?

In the water consultation with Sabina Streiter, you will discover your personal mineral spring for more vitality and well-being with the support of a kinesiological balance. During an individual hike to «your» spring, you can fill the miraculaua bottle you received in the morning with the water.

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Pure relaxation is provided by a bath in pure mineral water at Bogn Engiadina in Scuol. Enjoy the extensive bathing and sauna area and if you want something more exclusive, book a tour of the Roman-Irish bath.

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(These services are not included in the offer).

Wassersprechstunde – Mineralwasser der Ferienregion Engadin Scuol Zernez – miraculaua Scuol
Aussenbecken im Bogn Engiadina
Im Römisch-Irischen Bad verschmelzen die wohltuenden Effekte römischer und irischer Badetraditionen.
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Water consultation

Discover your optimal strengthening mineral water exclusively in a water consultation.

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Bathing and sauna area

Bogn Engiadina

Discover the extensive bathing and sauna area at Bogn Engiadina in Scuol. The bubble loungers in the outdoor pool offer the perfect relaxation, with a view of the Engadin mountains.

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Bogn Engiadina

Roman Irish Bath

The Roman-Irish bath at Bogn Engiadina offers an exclusive bathing experience. Here your body and mind can relax. The session lasts up to 3.5 hours.

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Day 2 – Morning

Mineral water tasting

On the second morning, the focus is on «tasting». During a degustation with water sommelier Claudia Vontobel, you can taste a wide variety of Graubünden mineral waters and try to identify the differences. Afterwards there will be a small aperitif where you can discuss the different tastes further.

Mineralwasserdegustation – Angebot miraculaua Scuol – Dominik Täuber

Day 2 – Afternoon

Which mineral water experience are you still missing?

How about a hike on one of our three mineral water trails or to your personal spring? If you couldn't manage everything on the first day, you can again choose from the water consultation or a visit to the Bogn Engiadina.

Auf dem Mineralwasserweg in der Clozza-Schlucht - miraculaua Scuol
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From spring to spring on foot

Mineralwasserwege Scuol

Take a walk on three round tours to several mineral springs and fountains in Scuol and the surrounding area.

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Looking for suitable accommodation?

Accommodation in the Engadin

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Hotel Belvedere Scuol
Hotels in the Lower Engadin
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Ferienwohnung Bellavista, Curtin
Holiday apartments in the Lower Engadin
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Camping Sur-en-Inn
Camping in the Lower Engadin
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Chalzina Sura-Quelle – Mineralwasserwege Scuol

The mineral water of Scuol

Would you already like to take a look and find out more about mineral water in Scuol? Here you will find all the information and interesting facts.

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