NAIRS Art Talk with and by Prof. Dr. Michael Lüthy

NAIRS Art Talk with Prof. Dr. Michael Lüthy, Dr. Matthias Haldemann and Dr. Dieter Schwarz. The questions What is art?, What can art do?. Nairs. CHF 20/CHF 15.00. Info: nairs.ch.

Fundaziun Nairs

Nairs 509, 7550 Scuol


05.10.2021 at 19:30 o'clock
Price 20 CHF / reduced: 15 CHF

In August 2021, together with Prof. Michael Lüthy, we will start our Nairs Art Lectures at the Künstlerhaus der Fundaziun Nairs. This art-historical-philosophical, socio-political, contemporary and time-critical lecture series with well-known humanities and art historians recalls the tradition of the International Davos University Courses in the twenties of the last century and revives the worldwide resonance of the Davos Disputation at that time, which was dedicated to the Kantian question "What is man?" Today we ask, what is art? What can and may art do? How is art created?

Together with you, our present artists and the invited guests, we debate the burning questions of our time here in Nairs, following on from the past and present discourses in the Graubünden climatic health resorts and grand hotels, the international tourist guests of that time are our present creatives, humanities scholars, artists of today.

On October 5, the Nairs Art Talk will take place together with Prof. Dr. Michael Lüthy, Dr. Matthias Haldemann (Director Kunst- haus Zug) and Dr. Dieter Schwarz (Author and Consultant for Modern and Contemporary Art).

Registration and admission
Registration until 04 October 2021 at info@nairs.ch
Admission: 20 CHF/ reduced: 15 CHF

Photo: Studio view Linda Graedel, Fundaziun Nairs, Nelly Rodriguez


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