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NATURAMA Lecture: The Mountain Pipit

The mountain pipit.
A commuter between water and mountains // Kurt Bollmann, Dr., biologist, Eidg. Research Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape WSL

Swiss National Park – Auditorium Schlossstall

Auditorium Schlossstall, 7530 Zernez


12.10.2022 from 20:30 to 21:30 o'clock
Adults CHF 7.–, children CHF 3.–
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Zeit No reservation necessary. Limited number of seats.
Ort Swiss National Park – Auditorium Schlossstall

He has his summer residence above the tree line, is there frequent and noisy. Nevertheless, it is hardly noticed: the mountain pipit. As a slender, high-legged and singing bird, it returns in spring from the wetlands of its winter quarters to the mountains to reproduce there. The harsh environmental conditions and the short mountain summer require a great deal of commitment and flexibility from the parents in obtaining food in order to enable the young birds to make a successful start in life. This is made more difficult by numerous nest robbers and unpredictable weather. In his lecture, Kurt Bollmann introduces us to the biology and successful life strategy of this small and inconspicuous mountain dweller. | The Auditorium Schlossstall of the Swiss National Park is located directly next to the castle. 10 minutes from the train station.


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