NATURAMA Lecture When Foxes Become City Dwellers

When foxes become city dwellers On the adaptation of red foxes to our settlement area // Sandra Gloor, Dr., Wildlife biologist, Project Manager Wild Neighbours, Member of the SWILD Executive Board


06.10.2021 from 20:30 to 21:30 o'clock
Adults CHF 7.–, children CHF 3.–
Easy for return Graubünden
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After the cinema on the way home: Suddenly something scurries across the street – a fox disappears between the houses in a courtyard. Although most of us know that foxes also live in the settlement area, an encounter with this wild animal is still fascinating. The population of the red fox in Switzerland has increased sharply since the decline of rabies in the mid-1980s. Today, fox densities are higher in cities than in rural areas. But where do foxes live in the settlement area, where do they raise their young? Are they dangerous for domestic cats? Are there conflicts between humans and foxes? In her lecture, Sandra Gloor provides answers to these questions and shows ways for a low-conflict coexistence of humans and foxes. | The Auditorium Schlossstall of the Swiss National Park is located directly next to the castle. 10 minutes from the train station.


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