NATURAMA lecture Who is the most beautiful in the whole country?

NATURAMA lecture: Who is the most beautiful in the whole country? Courtship and breeding in birds // Ueli Rehsteiner, Dr., biologist, director of the Graubünden Nature Museum.


11.08.2021 from 20:30 to 21:30 o'clock
Adults CHF 7.–,
Children CHF 3.–
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In the animal kingdom, everything revolves around reproduction, because it is about passing on one's own genes to the next generation. Because most species involve two sexual partners, finding the partner is paramount. This is where the competition comes into play. Since individuals of the same sex are in competition with each other, extremely diverse courtship and breeding behaviors have developed. This diversity is particularly impressive in the bird world. From monogamous partner bonds to fleeting rendez-vous and polygamy, (almost) every constellation can be found. The birds pull out all the stops: Impressing with exuberant colorfulness or loud singing, but also secrecy or the defense of several territories can provide access to partners and ensure breeding success. Ueli Rehsteiner lets us participate in the most exciting stories from "Vogel ledig sucht". | The Auditorium Schlossstall of the Swiss National Park is located directly next to the castle. 10 minutes from the train station.


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