NATURAMA lecture With the eyes of a parking attendant

With the eyes of a parking attendant Unique footage from the Swiss National Park / Domenic Godly, Park Guardian of the Swiss National Park


13.10.2021 from 20:30 to 21:30 o'clock
Erwachsene CHF 7.–, Kinder CHF 3.–
Einfach für Retour Graubünden
Besucherinnen und Besucher der Naturpärke-Anlässe lösen ein Einfach-Billett für die Anreise, stempeln dieses beim Veranstalter ab, und schon ist das Billett für die Gratis-Rückfahrt gültig. Das Angebot gilt ab allen Einstiegsorten in Graubünden für Fahrten mit der Rhätischen Bahn und PostAuto. Weitere Informationen auf fahrtziel-natur.ch/retour

Majestic ibex, snowed in in the deep winter. Brave chamois who risk their lives when crossing the creek. Close-ups of crusaders during mating or the first flight attempts of a young golden eagle. These are photographs from the Swiss National Park, which probably none of us else can see. Unique observations of a passionate nature connoisseur who has known the national park since childhood and has been awe-inspiringly observing the flora and fauna for decades. In his lecture, park ranger Domenic Godly shows us a selection of his favorite scenes, which he recorded in the Swiss National Park, and comments on them. In this way, it allows us to experience the fascinating nature in the park for a few moments with his eyes. | Auditorium Castle Stable of the Swiss National Park. Wheelchair access is possible. A 10-minute walk from the train station. Parking at the town hall.


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