NATURAMA lecture Wood Wide Web. From plants and trees ...

Wood Wide Web. Of plants and trees that communicate and network ) Florianne Koechlin, biologist, artist and author


14.07.2021 from 20:30 to 21:30 o'clock
Erwachsene CHF 7.–, Kinder CHF 3.–
Einfach für Retour Graubünden
Besucherinnen und Besucher der Naturpärke-Anlässe lösen ein Einfach-Billett für die Anreise, stempeln dieses beim Veranstalter ab, und schon ist das Billett für die Gratis-Rückfahrt gültig. Das Angebot gilt ab allen Einstiegsorten in Graubünden für Fahrten mit der Rhätischen Bahn und PostAuto. Weitere Informationen auf fahrtziel-natur.ch/retour

Under the ground, most forest trees form net systems of roots and fungal threads, through which they also exchange nutrients and information. The result is a gigantic, dynamic and multi-layered network, also known as WWW – the Wood Wide Web (and not The World Wide Web). Trees and plants also communicate above the ground – with fragrances. They warn each other about fraisty enemies, send out SOS signals, attract targeted users and even coordinate their behaviour. Trees are by no means passive and isolated objects, but communicative beings in the great network of relations of nature, in which we are also involved. This creates opportunities for our ecosystem and for agriculture. And that raises the question of our responsibility to them anew. | The Auditorium Schlossstall of the Swiss National Park is located right next to the castle. 10 minutes from the train station.


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