News 29.11.2023

Status report on path and road network

Winterwandern in Brail, Engadin
Up-to-date information on the state of the paths, roads and railways in the Lower Engadine.

State: november the 29th, 2023


Plan da Funtanas - Avrona

The hiking trail is open.

Uina Dadaint - Gallarias dal Quar - Schlinigpass

The hiking trail is closed with immediate effect and closed for the whole winter.

Puntins Ots uina and Senda dal Papagagl

Both hiking trails will remain closed immediately and throughout the winter season.

The following roads and hiking trails are closed due to ridge subsidence:

  • Senda Clemgia
  • Nairs - Brentsch

Trails in the Swiss National Park

The first paths in the national park are closed due to the snow. 
Even the paths that are still open are snow-covered, icy and slippery in places. Be careful, good shoes and poles are highly recommended!

The national park remains closed in winter (wildlife sanctuary).

You can find the current status of the hiking trails at

Fraction Scuol:

Road closure Via da Liuns

Due to renovation work, the marked section will be closed to all motorized traffic as well as to pedestrians and cyclists from July 19 to approx. December 8, 2023. A detour via da Flöna to via Val has been established. Further information can be found here.

Road closure Via Sura, Sent

The marked road section will be closed to all motorised traffic from 29 November to 1 December 2023 due to renovation work. The road remains passable for pedestrians and cyclists. Diversion: Via d'Immez - Bügliöl - Via da Spadla. Further information can be found here.

Municipality of Valsot:

Road an trail closures. Further information can be found here




The Clemgia Gorge will remain closed until spring 2024 for safety reasons!


In general

Good, high shoes are recommended and walking sticks are helpful.

Hiking in the National Park

All hiking trails in the Swiss National Park are open. More information on the hiking trails in the National Park.

Rockfall danger in the Piz Buin Pitschen area

Piz Buin Pitschen is currently threatened by a rockfall. There is a diversion of the mountain hiking route to Chamonna Tuoi as well as an emergency plan of the hut.

To the official announcement of the municipality of Scuol

 Link to map.geo


Gams im Winter im Engadin

Winter rest for wild animals

The wildlife rest zones must be respected in order not to disturb the wildlife in their usual environment.