News 19. December 2022

Closure of Chamonna Tuoi in winter

Chamonna Tuoi im Winter

The Chamonna Tuoi of the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC) will remain closed in the upcoming winter for safety reasons. Major rock movements on the Piz Buin Pitschen, combined with the snow, pose a significant potential danger to the SAC hut in Val Tuoi. For safety reasons, the municipality of Scuol has to close the hut for the winter. Those responsible will decide on summer operation in April 2023, as the different danger situation for the summer will be assessed with further investigations.

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Radar Piz Buin Pitschen

Rock movements led to the closure.

The radar image shows the rock movements in the high alpine terrain. Based on the data from several helicopter and drone flights, radar analyses on site and the use of different calculation models, the hazard situation can now be formulated concretely and a precautionary closure of the Chamonna Tuoi for the winter is indicated according to the integral natural hazard management.

To the restricted area
Piz Buin und Piz Buin Pitschen im Winter

Further information

For further information, please see the official notice from the municipality of Scuol on the closure of the Chamonna Tuoi for winter 2022/23.

Location Chamonna Tuoi