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Trailrunning bei Ftan im Engadin, Schweiz.
Fränzi Gissler, a passionate runner, tells her story, reveals her favorite trails and what she loves about her chosen home, the Lower Engadine.

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Landscape, tradition and language are what characterize the Lower Engadine. But the valley is equally shaped by the people who either grew up here or have made the Lower Engadine their home of choice. One of these personalities is Fränzi Gissler, who turned her passion into a profession and opened a running school in the region.

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The preserved nature offers countless possibilities.

Trail running in the Lower Engadine

Fränzi Gissler is a passionate runner. She had already enjoyed running over fields and meadows during her childhood in Basel. What was once a private pleasure later turned into her career and she became, among other things, a Swiss duathlon and triathlon national team member, triathlon leader, as well as a member of the Salomon Trailrunning Team.

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Trailrunning im Unterengadin. Bild: Dominik Täuber.

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Trailrunning mit Fränzi Gissler.
Fränzi Gissler auf einem Trail oberhalb der Bergstation Motta Naluns.
Trailrunning im Unterengadin.


Trailrunning in the Lower Engadine

The Engadin Scuol Zernez vacation region offers a diverse network of trails with tours that make every trail runner's heart beat faster.