Chamonna Cler

13.9 km
6:00 h
874 mhd
1088 mhd
Chamonna Cler
Chamonna Cler

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Chamonna Cler
High-altitude and promising tour from Guarda via Alp Sura to Chamonna Cler and over the Maiensässe from Munt to Ardez.
Technique 3/6
Fitness 3/6
Highest Point  2482 m
Lowest Point  1432 m
Best Season

Start PostAuto-Haltestelle Guarda, cumün
Destination Bahnhof Ardez
Coordinates 46.775547, 10.152448


From the centre of Guarda to the north, the reservoir goes right to the picturesque lake "Lajet". Here you climb up the small stream on a direct way to the forest border to the entertained Alp Sura. To the east, the trail leads slightly upto Murtera Dadoura, where it turns left towards Maranguns. There is a steady view of the three-thousand-metre peaks on the opposite side of the valley and into the Lower Engadine side valleys of Val Zeznina, Val Nuna and Val Sampuoir. In the valley Ardez, Bos-cha and Sur En d'Ardez are visible, while from a certain height the view to the south reveals some of the 20 or so mountain lakes of Macun in the national park. From Maranguns, take the last step – with a recommended detour to Lai Ruduond – to Chamonna Cler, the highest point of the hike.

The descent over the south-eastern ridge of Piz Cotschen to Muot da l'Hom gives the view from Scuol to Susch. Via Mundaditsch you descend to the end point of the hike to Ardez.

Schellen-Ursli-Drehorte: vorcredits and Alp

The Schellen Ursli film begins at Lai Raduond as Uorsin walks up the slope with her geisses and the camera pans up and the panorama of the Lower Engadine mountains becomes visible.

The Sommeralp is the Alp Murtera Dadoura, which lies east of Alp Sura. A backdrop was added for the film. The picture from the film does not correspond to the actual alp as it can now be seen again. 

All filming locations of the Schellen-Ursli film can be found here.


Die Tour wurde bei günstigen Witterungsverhältnissen bewertet, die aktuellen Witterungsverhältnisse und Wettervorhersagen müssen vor dem Tourenstart zwingend beachtet werden.  
Diese Wanderung erfordert eine Elementare Alpine Erfahrung, Orientierungsvermögen, Wanderschuhe sind empfohlen.

144   Notruf, Erste Hilfe
1414 Bergrettung REGA
112   Internationaler Notruf


Von der Ortsmitte Guarda nach Norden zum See Lajet
Dem Bach folgen via Clüs zur Alp Sura
In östliche Richtung bis Murtera Dadoura
Links abbiegen nach Maranguns
Aufstieg zur Chamonna Cler
Abstieg über den Südost-Grat des Piz Cotschen zum Muot da l'Hom
Via Muntaditsch und Chöglias nach Ardez

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