News 15 October 2021

Status report on path and road network

Am dritten und vierten Tag führt die Via Engiadina durchs Wandergebiet Motta Naluns.
Up-to-date information on the state of the paths, roads and railways in the Lower Engadine.



  • Obstacles and possible waiting times are to be expected on the forest, cycle and hiking trail from Zernez - Susch due to logging work. (Expected until the end of October)
  • Due to a logging operation, some sections of the hiking trails in Val Zeznina are closed. Along the forest road, access to Val Zeznina is possible at all times. On this stretch it is necessary to cross the campground. You can find a detailed description of the closure here.
  • In connection with the construction of the "KW Sarsura", the Sarsura hiking trail must be partially closed. The outer section of the Val Sarsura is passable with a diversion. On this section, works traffic must be expected. You can see the closed section and the diversions here.

  • Due to logging, the hiking trail Val Nuna – Sur En will be closed from 16.09. – 22.10.2021. There is no detour for pedestrians. Over the weekend the hiking trail is open. You can find more information about the closure here.

  • Due to logging, the hiking trail Via Bain Jon Nair - Plan Grond will be closed from 29.09. – 29.10.2021.

National Park

You can find more detailed information on the path states here.


More detailed information on the current conditions of the various trails can also be found on Trailforks

Via Engiadina Long-distance hike

Current conditions of the stages

The Via Engiadina is passable as normal. 

Nationalpark Bike-Tour

Current states of the stages

All four stages are rideable. All four stages are rideable.


Closure Resgia - Morteratsch (3rd stage)

The existing path will be closed and diverted in sections due to construction and maintenance work (probably until 31.10.2021). Noise and dust emissions will be limited as much as possible in order to impair the hiking and biking experience as little as possible.


Gurlaina bridge

The Gurlaina bridge must be renovated for safety reasons. Opening expected mid-June 2022. For further information, please contact the building office of the municipality of Scuol.


Due to renovation work, the Clemgia Gorge will remain closed until probably June 2022. For further information, please contact the building office of the municipality of Scuol.


Ftan road, Ardez - Ftan 

Due to road works, the section from Pra da Punt (Val Tasna branch) to Saduas (PP Vias Largias) will be closed to through traffic from 14.10. – 21.10.2021 from Monday to Friday (07.00 - 18.00). Except on Saturday and Sunday. Pedestrians and cyclists can pass the construction site. Access to Val Tasna is guaranteed via Ardez during working hours.


The access road to S-charl is open and passable.


The access road to Val Sinestra is passable.


The Flüela Pass road Tschuggen - Susch is open.

Livigno Tunnel

Due to construction work, the Livigno Tunnel from the Ofen Pass will be closed from 01.09. – 03.12.2021.