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The organic farm Palazzi (with the bud) is located in Ftan in the Lower Engadine. Village atmosphere, perfect world. In the houses of the village there are still animals in the stables: cows, goats and sheep. In addition to cows, we also keep water buffalo in the Palazzi. These are exceptionally friendly creatures and can be brushed and stroked if someone from the crew is present. On our farm - this is still the big exception - the dairy animals may also be mothers, they remain in contact with their calf. In the specialty cheese dairy of Chatrina and Peter Mair in Tschlin, the buffalo milk is used to make delicious buffalo mozzarella, which is available everywhere in stores.



By public transport: be sure to buy your ticket to Ftan Cumün (never get off at Ftan station), change from the train to the Postbus in Scuol. From the Postbus stop Ftan it is a few steps to the farmhouse Palazzi and a few more steps to the Stöckli Chasa Mugliner. By car: Via the snow-free Flüela Pass or by means of the weather-proof Vereina 22 into the Lower Engadine to Ftan. The parking spaces are located at the apartments.


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