Philosophical Matinée

Philosophical matinée with Dr. Martin Pernet: "Living in difficult times". It is the difficult phases that really bring us forward. Centrala. collection. Info: grottadacultura.ch.


25.07.2021 from 11:00 to 12:00 o'clock

With Dr. Martin Pernet. Living in difficult times. If philosophy can contribute anything to overcoming the current crises, it is a deeper reflection on the fact that it is the difficult times and phases that really bring us forward. Dr. Martin Pernet introduces the topic on the basis of philosophical considerations. Afterwards there will be a discussion in the plenum, and the hour ends with a small drink in and in front of the restaurant of the Grotta da cultura, Schigliana. We keep a guest list and ask you to wear hygiene masks and keep your distances. Bus from Scuol: 10.30 am


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