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Exhibition. Retrospective of the painter and randulin Luzio Bardola (1916-2015), Sent/Genova. Grotta da Cultura, Schigliana. Info:

Grotta da cultura

Schigliana, 7554 Sent


21.09.2021 to 05.10.2021 from 17:00 to 19:00 o'clock
on Tuesday, Saturday

Retrospective of the painter and randulin Luzio Bardola. Luzio Bardola (1916-2015) was born in Genova, but as a typical Randulin had a lifelong and intense connection to Sent, the home of his parents. His passion for painting, which he developed in the later years of his life, was strongly influenced by the mountain world, the architecture and the abstract forms of the sgraffittos of the Lower Engadine. The exhibition provides a comprehensive overview of his rich life's work.
Until 05.10.2021


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