The voluntary contribution of Tourism Engadin Scuol Samnaun Val Müstair AG (TESSVM) to sustainable development


The destination Engadin Samnaun Val Müstair positions itself as THE nature and culture holiday region in Switzerland. The focus is on experiencing nature and culture with high quality. The nature and landscape should be preserved and strengthened. Authentic culture is promoted and enlivened. By involving the local population, it is possible for guests and locals to meet. The year-round utilisation of beds, infrastructure and services ensures the income of the local families. Thus the regional economic cycle is maintained. The award of the MILESTONE Environmental Prize 2011 confirms that the destination Engadin Samnaun Val Müstair is a model region for sustainability and not just recently.

Discover our «Swiss Green Champs» and learn how small everyday actions in and outside of work can have a positive impact on the environment.
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The Tourismus Engadin Scuol Samnaun Val Müstair AG (TESSVM) stands for sustainability in tourism. It is committed to a nature- and culture-oriented positioning as well as environmentally friendly offers in the region and also undertakes appropriate measures in its own operations.

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Sustainability programme Swisstainable
The TESSVM participates in the sustainability programme Swisstainable of Swiss Tourism and fulfils the criteria for the highest level – the Level III.
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Ongoing projects

  • Cause We Care

    TESSVM was one of the first three destinations of the «Cause We Care» initiative of the myclimate foundation, which offers guests climate-neutral holidays and also implements sustainability measures on site.

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  • Applied Sustainability in Swiss Tourism Destinations

    Sustainable development is a particular challenge for destinations with their many players. Together with various partners, the TESSVM develops assistance for sustainable development.

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  • Overall concept for (mineral) water positioning

    For Scuol and its surroundings, water is of central importance. The holiday region would like to pioneer the subject, preserve historical sites and make water more tangible for guests and locals alike.

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  • Accessible travel

    A project of the Health Region is committed to making accessible holidays for people with disabilities. To this end, TESSVM has become a partner of Pro Infirmis and is the pilot destination for the app «ginto».

    Accessible travel
  • National park region & health region

    The project aims at the innovative networking of tourism and health care services in order to provide holiday guests with new offers in the segment «health tourism».

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  • myclimate Audio Adventure

    Together with myclimate, the climate audio trail «myclimate Audio Adventure Scuol» was created – an experience for all ages. The guests learn interesting facts about the topics climate, water and local history.

    myclimate Audio Adventure
  • Luggage Special

    With the Luggage Special, guests' luggage is collected from their homes and transported directly to their accommodation. This makes travelling by public transport more pleasant.

    Luggage transport Engadin
  • Theme trails

    In the destination Engadin Samnaun Val Müstair there are about 25 theme trails. The aim of the theme trails is to convey nature and culture to the guest in the easiest and most playful way possible.

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  • NatureAktive Days

    Together with TESSVM, the WWF organises NatureActive Days in the Lower Engadin. Employees of large companies make an active contribution to the conservation of biodiversity in the Lower Engadin.

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  • GEO Day of Nature

    Experts identify as many species as possible during 24 hours and map their results. At this opportunity, interested parties can learn more about a selected region and its nature.

    GEO Day of Nature
  • Climate-neutral National Park Bike Marathon

    The National Park Bike Marathon takes you around the Swiss National Park. Since 2013 the Bike Marathon has been run in a climate-neutral way. Every year there are further measures to promote sustainability.

    Together for the climate
  • tualetta publica

    With the «tualetta publica», hotels and restaurants make their toilets available to the public and are reimbursed by the municipality, so no new infrastructure is needed.

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Completed projects
TESSVM can already look back on a wealth of successfully implemented projects that serve the sustainable development of the tourism destination.
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As a company, cooperation and partnerships are indispensable for TESSVM. Accordingly, the striving for value-added synergies is high.
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