Medical Qigong
A form of life care. Start of new block on 28 October 2021 For beginners and advanced / REGISTRATION required under 079 455 45 71 / Price CHF 160.00


09.12.2021 to 16.12.2021 from 19:15 to 20:45 o'clock
on Thursday
Price Block of 8 CHF 160.00

A form of life care!
Medical Qigong - Lung-Colon-Qigong
The exercises cultivate body and mind and harmonize the organism. The exercises are composed of natural movement sequences that can be individually adapted.
The figures of this program strengthen the immune system, lead the practitioner to harmony of his life forces and bring the
Body in balance. Among other things, the skin is assigned to the lung meridian and, in the case of emotions, to grief.
Through the harmony of movement, breathing and imagination, the flow of energy in the body is stimulated and regulated. Flows
the energy we feel physically and mentally fit. The exercises in Qigong are dynamic, but also calm and
flowing, which promotes relaxation and leads to more serenity.

Start of new block on October 28, 2021

For beginners and advanced.

REGISTRATION required by 26.10.2021 at the latest


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