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READING with Gian Gaudenz

READING with Gian Gaudenz «Bündnerspeck». Musical intermezzi with the «Bündner Ländlermix». GRAVAcultura. Free admission/collection info: Tel. 079 364 67 00.


18.08.2023 at 20:15 o'clock
Free admission / collection
GRAVAcultura cultural space

READING with Gian Gaudenz
"Bündnerspeck" The story of the little Engadine in Zurich

At the beginning of March 1962, the Gaudenz family moved from Martina in the Lower Engadine to Kloten. A new, formative phase of life begins for everyone.
In the episode, the story tells of Gian's everyday life, of children's friendships, of small and big adventures, which he has to endure in Kloten. It deals with the difficulties with the German language, which he has to overcome. But the story is also about the homesickness of the people of Graubünden, the Engadin, for the mountains.
But the story is also about the negative experiences as "Bündnerspeck" / "Steinbocktschingg" in a foreign country.

Musical intermezzi with the «Bündner Ländlermix» Bruno Brodt, Nina Grass, Luis Cagienard


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