Schwalbenweg. Count swallows and discover Lavin. Walking tour with swallow watching in Lavin. Info: Guest Information Lavin. Phone 081 861 88 00.

Gäste-Information Lavin

c/o Volg Lavin, 7543 Lavin


27.01.2022 to 30.04.2022
Price Free
Zeit During the day

In Lavin hang around 30 artificial nests for mealy swallows. The Schwalbenweg comprises seven stations, which are marked in the form of plaques on various houses in Lavin. These panels illuminate the life of the birds and contrast this with the life of a human swallow, a randulin, and thus also give insight into the history of the village – in the German and Vallader,

The entry board is located at the "Volg" on the main road, to the rest lead the colored birds on the ground. If you can't find them all, you don't have to worry, the boards are designed in such a way that they also work individually and are informative.


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