The Romansh language

35,000 Rhaeto-Romanic people, countless dialects, five idioms, one language and a culture that is deeply connected to agriculture, traditional crafts and trade. „Allegra“ – the world of Rhaeto-Romance greets you. Romansh is Switzerland’s fourth national language. In earlier times the remoteness and autonomy of the Grisons valleys led to the development of five different idioms: Sursilvan (Surselva, Vorderrhein), Sutsilvan (Hinterrhein), Surmiran (Albula), Puter (Upper Engadine) and Vallader, which is spoken in the Lower Engadine and Val Müstair. Interested? Would you like to spend your holidays in a region where you can hear Romansh spoken everyday? Come to Val Müstair or the Lower Engadine.

Holidays in Val Müstair
Learn more about this small and beautiful valley.
Val Müstair
Holidays in Lower Engadine
Learn more about the Lower Engadine in the easternmost corner of Grisons.
Lower Engadine

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