Shaunette Hildabrand Trio

Behind this formation are three musicians who met and found each other on their journey through the world of jazz.


03.03.2022 at 21:00 o'clock
Price no admission

The US vocalist Shaunette Hildabrand, who lives in Belgium, has played in various formations over the course of her musical career. Now she has found two companions with whom the interaction harmonized as a matter of course from the beginning. Each individual musician contributes his or her individual strengths and skills to the harmonious whole. Italian guitarist Davide Petrocca and Dutch bassist Jos Machtel shine with musical and technical versatility both in their accompaniment and solos. And then there is this voice of Shaunette Hildabrand, clear, beguiling, with enormous depth of sound and unmistakable, personal touch. She knows how to phrase excellently without ever singing her way to the foreground. The trio knows no hierarchy, only mutual respect and great joy of playing. Everyone is equally invited to contribute their ideas, to express the game, to send their personal message. The result is harmonious listening pleasure on a high stylistic level, melodious, captivating, sometimes gentle, always enjoyable.

All concerts in the Belvedere Bar Lounge take place under the 2G+ protection concept.


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