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Musical theater TANGO DE AMOR based on the novella "Die Mathematik der Nina Gluckstein" with Annette Wunsch (play) and Goran Kovačević (accordion) followed by a milonga at La Vouta.


22.06.2024 at 20:15 o'clock
25 / 30 CHF
La Vouta Lavin

Music theater based on the novella "The Mathematics of Nina Gluckstein" by Esther Vilar

"How can we describe music that defies all rules of harmony, all calculable dramaturgy? And which can change completely from one second to the next, pulls you in and pushes you away again, gets stuck, only to race off immediately afterwards, is soon full of joie de vivre, soon full of longing for death?" This is the question asked by the narrator in Esther Vilar's novella, who not only seeks to fathom the vibrant attitude to life inherent in the "Tango Nuevo", but also searches for a mathematical formula for love. The well-rehearsed stage duo Wunsch/Kovacevic will take you to Buenos Aires, the capital of tango, on this musical-literary evening and explore the winding paths of love.

Play: Annette Wunsch
Accordion: Goran Kovačević

After the performance from 10 pm, we are organizing a small, fine milonga "Lavinar" in cooperation with Tango Engadin in La Vouta.
DJ Durì (Samedan) will be playing Argentinian tango music - you can dance and enjoy. All are welcome.

Reservations: 079 285 79 49, mail@lavouta.ch, www.lavouta.ch/


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