The Adventures of Don Chili Pepper - Spoken Word and Cello

The Adventures of Don Chili pepper - On the intrepid search for the meaning of life / Reservation at +41 (0)81 791 25 78 or info@lavouta.ch

Campell Anna Serarda

La Vouta, 7543 Lavin


13.11.2021 at 20:30 o'clock

Don Quixote and Sancho Pansa in Switzerland. They are fools and therefore free. They fight against pepper mills and wind farms. Everything is twisted. The tick tack of the clock becomes the tactics of the football coach. Bachmann plucks at the cello, servant at his beard. Servant hurls words into the audience, Bachmann his bow of horse hair. Servant dreams of horse hair, his head is light. Bachmann dreams of light. The Adventures of Don Chilischote is about the heroic fight for a better world and against the evil spirits of the Quarter-Life crisis – and about the confrontation with the dazzling figure of Don Quixote. As with Cervantes, words and meanings are played with, there is singing, rapping and dancing. Voice and cello form a common whole.

From and with
Manuel Diener
Lorenz Bachmann
Simon Ledermann (Director)

Reservation at La Vouta info@lavouta.ch or at +41 (0)81 791 25 78


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