Champlönch: Along the old Mule Track (Swiss National Park)

5 km
1:45 h
189 mhd
234 mhd

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Easy hike along the Champlönch children's trail, one of the highlights for children in the Swiss National Park. The virtual hiking guide leads through this beautiful region and provides interesting information about the history, the animals and the work of the park rangers.
Technique 3/6
Fitness 2/6
Highest Point  2034 m
Lowest Point  1800 m
Best Season

Start PostBus stop Champlönch P1
Destination PostBus stop Il Fuorn P6
Coordinates 46.679604, 10.166806


An ideal hike for families, even with small children. Following in the footsteps of the pack muleteers, the trail leads away from the present Ofenpass road, and along the former connection between Zernez and the Ofenpass. As a reward at the end of the hike, the sun terrace of the National Park Hotel Il Fuorn awaits you.

Note: Dogs are not allowed in the Swiss National Park, not even on a leash. Further information on this and all protection regulations can be found at 


The route follows the Champlönch virtual children's trail in the Swiss National Park. By means of a GPS-supported app, families can find out many exciting facts about the National Park on this route. The app for Apple and Android is available at  The National Park Centre in Zernez also offers a booklet including an audio CD about the Champlönch children's trail.


The tour was assessed in favourable weather conditions, it is imperative that the current weather conditions and weather forecasts are observed before starting the tour.


Emergency call:

144 Emergency call, first aid

1414 Mountain rescue REGA

112 International emergency call


The hiking trail begins right at car park 1 on the Ofenpass road and the Champlönch post bus stop (P1) (1838 m a.s.l.). First the trail climbs to the east, then it follows a railing to the long Champlönch Alp. The former path over the Ofenpass ran here before the current road alignment was chosen in the 19th century. The path leads past a small marshy watercourse into which springs flow. One of the rivulets is caught in old well troughs that used to serve as drinking troughs for the herds of domestic animals passing by here.In the southeast corner of the Champlönch meadow (2015 m a.s.l.), the trail turns left towards Il Fuorn. To the right would reach Alp Grimmels (see route "Grimmels"). The trail leads through a small furrow between forests rising on both sides, which bears the local name Badachül. Then a zigzag path leads steadily downhill to the bridge over the Ova da Val Ftur.Now follows a slight counter-ascension through the God sur il Fuorn to the Plan Posa meadow. Through an impressive avalanche path and several mudflows, the trail finally reaches the meadows of the Ofenberg estate and, with the Hotel Parc Naziunal Il Fuorn and the Il Fuorn post bus stop (P6) (1794 m a.s.l.), also the destination of the hike.

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