Via Engiadina Long-Distance Hiking Path

46.8 km
14:30 h
1807 mhd
1864 mhd

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Via Engiadina panoramic hike: Hike in three stages on the winter hiking trail of the Via Engiadina from Zernez to Sent.
Technique 3/6
Fitness 4/6
Highest Point  2301 m
Lowest Point  1280 m
Best Season

Start Zernez train station
Destination PostBus stop Sent, Plaz
Coordinates 46.69789, 10.090285


This high-altitude hike in the Lower Engadine leads you along the sunny side of the valley through authentic Engadine villages such as Guarda, Ardez or Sent. You will enjoy varied day hikes and magnificent panoramic views of the Lower Engadine Dolomites.


The Via Engiadina is characterised by the fact that many of the best preserved Engadine villages are strung together along its route like a string of pearls. A special charm results from the small but subtle differences from village to village. If you look closely and compare them, you will recognise the characteristic of each individual town. If time permits, we recommend a guided tour of Guarda, Ardez, Scuol, Sent or Susch. Additional highlights along the route are the castle hill of the Steinsberg ruins in Ardez or a sledge ride from the Ftan-Prui chairlift. In Sent it is worth taking the time to walk through the village with its sweeping squares and look up at the sky. The famous Sent gables date back to the end of the 18th century, when many villagers abroad (mostly in Italy and Austria) hoped for a better economic life as confectioners and, by returning, shaped the western Tyrolean flair of the village.


The trail is groomed after each snowfall. Please note the condition reports in the winter sports report. The tour was assessed in favourable weather conditions, the current snow and weather conditions must be observed before starting.


The trail passes through wildlife rest areas, please do not leave forest trails.The trail runs partly on cross-country ski trails and ski slopes - please walk along the edge of the trails/slopes.The km figures for the route include the ascent Scuol - Motta Naluns.

Emergency call:

144 Emergency call, first aid

1414 Mountain rescue REGA

112 International emergency call


Stage 1, Zernez - Susch - Lavin - Guarda:

From Susch to Sur Punt and the eastern edge of the village.

Follow the path across the fields and through the forest

At Lavin cross the Inn over the wooden bridge

Cross the village to the church

At the church through the subway

Follow the path past Gonda to Guarda

Stage 2, Guarda - Ardez:

Cross Guarda from west to east

Continue on the old Engadine road to Bos-cha

Slightly downhill to Ardez

3rd stage, Ardez - Ftan - Scuol:

Follow the main road in an easterly direction

Turn left at the edge of the village

Pass the schoolhouse and take two bends to the junction

Follow hiking trail towards Chanoua

Ascent to Chanoua

Follow the road for approx. 2km

Turn off into the forest before the Hotel Paradies

Follow the path via the old mill and over the hill to Ftan

Go up through the village and follow the winter hiking trail towards Scuol

4th stage, Scuol - Sent:

From the Motta Naluns mountain station, follow the winter hiking trail uphill parallel to the ski slope

Follow the trail

Cross the pistes at Jonvrai

Follow the signs towards Sent

At the Sömi Bar descend to Sent (off-piste)

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