TRX Training

TRX fitness lessons for everyone, each Monday evening for everyone Cost CHF 20.00 per lesson, registration on 079 848 03 93, number of places limited max. 8 participants


21.06.2021 to 28.12.2026
on Monday
Price CHF 20.00 pro Lektion

Fitness lessons for everyone and every woman Do you want to do something good for your body? Do you lack the motivation to train alone? Are you missing the ideas for an effective whole body training? Do you want to shape your body? If so, you're in the right place. The workouts consist mostly of TRX exercises. TRX Suspension Training means three-dimensional training, which enables everyday as well as sport-specific movement patterns. Individual muscles are never isolated, but always stressed throughout the muscle chain. The lessons take place on Mondays from 7 pm to 8 pm for everyone. Registration is required because the number of seats is limited (max. 8 participants)


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