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250 students of the music school EB/VM bring Vulpera to life in various line-ups. The 10th anniversary will be celebrated with several highlights. Food and drink are well catered for


11.06.2022 from 11:30 to 17:30 o'clock

Music sounds in different places, the smell of grilled food is in the air and people circulate from a to b. What started in Guarda in June 2011 and is taking place in Vulpera for the tenth time this year has developed into a small folk festival.
The idea of this event is to musically enliven a village in the Lower Engadine/Münstertal for an afternoon every year. On this day, visitors have the opportunity to experience the village in a welcoming atmosphere where everyone can stroll individually. This year, more than 250 students will take part in a wide variety of casts. You can hear soloists and ensembles across the entire range of instruments, rock and pop groups and various children's choirs, from small to large.
For the 10th anniversary, several musical highlights are planned, such as.B.
- Wind music at its finest: The formation «Oberwind»
- The Magic Flute by W. A. Mozart: Ensemble Filarmonic Engiadina under the
direction of Curdin Lansel
- Mi'amia: Duo Katharina Mayer & Sidonia Caviezel (chant e accordéon)
- Soul band : Soul, Funk and Jazz by Nadia Braito, Klaus Telfser, Christian
Hauser and Wolfgang Kurz
- Classical guitar quartet Antonia Pozzi: Filippo Bentivoglio, Federica
Canta, Marco Angeloni, Valeria Volpi
- Stories on the topic: "History Hotel Waldhaus" presented by
the former director of the hotel Mr. Rolf Zollinger Food and drink are also well taken care of!


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