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Ursula Suter textile art exhibition

Ursula Suter - felt art. The artist's themes are light and shadow, density and transparency, structures in the surface. Info: Beatrice Lanter Tel. +41 79 696 54 01.


04.06.2022 to 19.06.2022 from 12:00 to 18:00 o'clock
on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Ort Gallery Art Textil Sent

In the textile art gallery "art textil sent" we show in our June exhibition the works of the felt maker Ursula Suter from Mülligen in Aargau.

The artist is interested in structures in the surface, in transparency and density, in light and shadow and also in spatiality.
She experiments, researches and finds (invents) technical possibilities to create wonderfully light, airy works from wool that never seem ponderous or staid.
She also manages the feat of creating very large works, which is rare in the art of felting. Indeed, felting requires a lot of endurance and physical effort.

In the 3-year course "Felting" at the Cultural Center Ballenberg and in semester courses at the School of Design Zurich (today University of the
Arts), the social pedagogue and kindergarten teacher acquired the necessary skills for her work.
Since her retirement, she can now invest much more time in her artistic work.

What results from this is really impressive!
Vessels, light objects, large and small sculptures, but also exciting structures in the surface impress the viewer - all in a sparing use of color.

The artist meets everything new openly, but always pursues her own themes very tenaciously. Her guiding principle is: "Felting is (to) find what you are not consciously looking for".


Gallery Art Textil Sent
Stron 277
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