Charming Engadine villages

Villages in Graubünden

Der Dorfkern von Guarda, Unterengadin, im Sommer
Winding and narrow alleys, houses built in the Engadine style and decorated with sgraffiti as well as a unique location in the middle of the Engadine mountains – this is what makes the Engadine villages so unique. Find out more about the holiday resorts in Graubünden and experience on site the typical flair that we love so much.
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Das Bergdorf Ardez im Unterengadin.

Showcase village of Rhaeto-Romanic building culture. Ardez

Sunlight plays around the sgraffiti of the beautiful Engadine houses, surrounded by diverse agriculture and a pleasant tranquillity – welcome to the showpiece village of Ardez.

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Brail im Unterengadin

100 inhabitants – 1 Michelin star. Brail

Small but nice – that's Brail. The village has only 100 inhabitants, but is widely known for its listed village church and the smallest 5-star superior hotel in Switzerland.

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Der wunderschöne Sommer in Ftan

On the sunny terrace of the Engadine. Ftan

Ftan – here the sun rises particularly early and awakens village life. Snatches of Romanesque words penetrate the hustle and bustle of the farmers, cheese-makers, bakers and craftsmen.

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Der Dorfkern von Guarda im Unterengadin mit seinen Sgraffiti
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Like in a picture book.


High above the Inn, it beams with the sun - the Schellen-Ursli village of Guarda. There is something inspiring about this village of 200 people that captivates everyone. Come and see for yourself!

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Engadiner Dorf Lavin.

Italianità Engiadinaisa. Lavin

Burnt down and rebuilt with Italian features, that's what distinguishes Lavin. It is often called Italianità Engiadinaisa, which comes not least from its joie de vivre and cosmopolitanism.

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Der Sommer in Tschiln

Experience history. Ramosch

In Ramosch, you almost embark on a journey through time. A striking terraced landscape with magnificent Engadine houses and 3500-year-old settlement traces await you here.

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Der abgelegene Weiler S-charl in einem Seitental bei Scuol. Bild: Andrea Badrutt, Chur.

The hidden paradise. S-charl

Hidden far away in a side valley lies a small hamlet of Scuol called S-charl. A lead and silver mine was once operated here, which can still be discovered today.

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Dorf Scuol im Unterengadin
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The Mineral Water Village.


Scuol – the village centre is preserved with typical Engadine houses and situated on picturesque village squares. The mineral water in and around Scuol is very special.

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Sent im Sommer

Living Rhaeto-Romanic culture. Sent

Sent, formerly the largest village in the Lower Engadine, is a prime example of Rhaeto-Romanic culture. This can be seen, heard and felt everywhere and casts a spell over you.

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Sur En bei Sent

Idyllically situated on the Inn. Sur En

Rushing water, the wind blowing through the treetops, the smell of moss and larch wood – welcome to Sur En. A place with the necessary comfort with a maximum of nature and attraction.

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Susch unterhalb des Flüelapass

The Pass Village. Susch

Susch at the foot of the pass - even its façade suggests something exciting. A real treasure trove of culture awaits us here, such as the towers in the centre of the village or the Rohan Fortress.

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Heckenlandschaft in San Niclà, Tschlin in der Ferienregion Engadin Scuol Zernez
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A pearl at the very bottom of the valley.


Strada-Martina – a corner of the Engadine that is particularly fertile, species-rich and intact. The fractions along the Inn offer both history and attractive excursion opportunities.

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Das Dorf Tarasp, Unterengadin, sowie das Schloss Tarasp im Sommer

With the famous castle. Tarasp

On the right side of the valley, at the foot of Piz Pisoc – here lies Tarasp. It is structurally and scenically different from the other villages and is especially known for its castle.

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Das Dorf Tschlin, Unterengadin, im Sommer

An oasis high above the valley. Tschlin

A scent of hay and freshly brewed beer floats in the air – welcome to Tschlin. Here, the coexistence of people, animals and landscape is more pronounced than in any other place.

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Engadiner Dorf Vnà im Sommer

Wonderfully secluded location. Vnà

Vnà – sun-drenched and situated at 1600 m above sea level. The Rhaeto-Romanic village impresses with its immediate proximity to nature and offers attractive hiking and biking routes.

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The Inn near Vulpera.

Small and fine. Vulpera

It modestly hides its attractions, but at second glance Vulpera reveals its true beauty. These include the wildly romantic Clemgia Gorge or the mystical Nairs.

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Dreiländerfahrt ab Zernez
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The National Park Centre.


Zernez is fascinating as the gateway to the National Park. Situated between the Lower and Upper Engadine, it serves as an optimal starting point for versatile excursions.

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