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Rafting & White Water in the Engadine

River-Rafting Scuol
The gorges of the Inn Valley in the Lower Engadine offer a top-class rafting experience. In this section, the river makes it possible to experience a varied mix of surging water and technical rapids.
Rafting am Inn
Die wunderschöne Landschaft auf dem Fluss entdecken
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Rafting with Engadin Adventure

Keen to climb aboard? Contact the rafting experts from Engadin Adventure. Their guides have up to 30 years’ experience and know every rock and current. And their motto? Safety first.
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Canoe school for canoes and kayaks

The Scuol Canoe School in Engadin provides professional training for whitewater and canoeing in Switzerland, as well as guided tours. Contact the school directly for more information.
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Fliegenfischen am Inn 3

The Inn

The Inn is one of the most water-rich Alpine rivers and has always shaped and inspired the people living on its banks. Learn more about it and suitable offers.

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Camping Sur-en-Inn

Camping sites alongside the Inn river

Camping sites in Scuol, Sur En and Strada provide excellent bases for daily canoe trips and whitewater kayaking on the Inn river. All the sites feature great infrastructure for whitewater enthusiasts.
Overview of camping sites